Saturday, February 25, 2012

Photography the Doug Masters way..

In the words of Col. Charles "Chappy" Sinclair in the movie Iron Eagle, "Play the right music kid." Okay granted, Doug Masters then goes on a destruction spree and you are just going to be taking photos, and I clearly remember way too many random quotes from goofy 80's movies, but let's take a few moments to touch on a big thing.. music and shooting.

As photographers we draw inspiration from any number of sources. As creative professionals we also see inspiration in a number of different places. Magazines, movies, music videos, and iconic photos throughout history.

For me one of my biggest inspirations come from music. I listen a really wide variety of music. I am your typical iTunes nut. I am dedicated to a few select bands that I love listening to. I am also your typical "this sounds awesome, I just want that song." My library has everything from The Beatles to The Beastie Boys, House music to classical, and country to Rage Against the Machine and Pink Floyd. I have playlists created for specific events I am shooting. When you know you are going to be shooting a specific event say a wedding, create a playlist with that in mind and try to visualize the images that go along with that song or playlist. Take a look at movie orchestrations, not the movie soundtracks which end up being crappy songs that the artists won't release on their own albums.

What is the current flavor of the month for me? House music by far. I was originally introduced to really good house/trance music by a friend I have been friends with for my entire life. I was just recently introduced to some new artists last month by one of my best friends and have not been able to turn the stuff off. If you enjoy house music I will pass along the artists that I was introduced to: Pretty Lights, Skrillex, and Porter Robinson. I suggest the Porter Robinson station on Pandora too.


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